J.J.P. Oud. Poetic Functionalist

D. Broekhuizen, textcontributions: E.R.M. Taverne, C. Wagenaar (red.), J.J.P. Oud. Poetic Functionalist,  1890-1963, The Complete works, Rotterdam, NAi-publishers 2001.

Monograph about the Dutch architect JJP Oud, with thematic entries, a complete list of works and a translation of his most important texts. Publication with the exhibition about J.J.P. Oud in the Netherlands Architecture Institute Rotterdam 2001

ISBN (Engels): 90-5662-199-8X

– The New York Times: “This monograph, the most complete to date, puts Oud’s checkered development into its local and historical context, explaining the enlightened political circumstances that supported his publicly financed housing.” Martin Filler in The New York Times. Book review, December 2, 2001

– Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians: “The extensively documented and well-written catalogue will doubtless remain the standard work on Oud for many years to come. … As a scholarly work of architectural history, however, one that tracks down every clue in the archives and in the secondary literature, the catalogue stands out for its thoroughness and completeness.” Hilde Heynen in JSAH december 2001, p. 491-493

– The Architectural Review: “Oud’s search for architectural truth and his lonely struggle are well exposed in ‘J.J.P. Oud, Poetic Functionalist’.” Hubert-Jan Henket in The Architectural Review, (London) november 2001.

– Oxford Art Journal: “A large retrospective at the Netherlands Architectural Institute in Rotterdam in 2001 accompanied by a bulky and meticulously researched catalogue raisonne in English completed the recent rehabilitation of Oud in the Netherlands (…)” Paul Overy ‘Revising De Stijl’, in: Oxford Art Journal, 28, 3, 2005, p 491-495

Dolf Broekhuizen