Sorbonne University Paris

D. Broekhuizen, E.R.M. Taverne, ‘Clio revisited. Doctors, teachers and open-air schools in the Netherlands (1905-1931)’, in: Anne-Marie Chatelet (red), L’ Ecole de Plein Air. Une expérience pédagogique et architecturale dans l’Europe du XX-siècle/ Open-Air Schools, Paris 2003, p. 96-116.

The history of the open-air school is a place where the histories of schools, childhood, medicine, architecture and the city converge. Targeted at children in the first stages of tuberculosis, the institutions soon opened to others: weak children, children stricken by physical or mental deficiencies, children from workingclass neighbourhoods. As the schools increased in number, architects created many emblematic buildings, like Duiker’s Clio School for healthy children in Amsterdam: the ‘eerste openluchtschool voor gezonde kinderen’ (1930).

ISBN: 2 86222 044 2

Dolf Broekhuizen