D. Broekhuizen, ‘Holiday Camps in the Netherlands. History and the Examples of Bergen aan Zee and Egmond aan Zee’, in: V. Balducci en S. Bica (ed.), Architecture and Society of the Holiday Camps. History and perspectives, Universitare Timisoara/Universita di Bologna 2008, p. 76-82

First overview of the architecture of holiday-camps in the Netherlands. ‘Vakantiekolonies’ (holiday-camps) are a relatively new yet highly topical research area. They have echoed Dutch history for over a century, representing the synthesis of health and education concerns. The heritage left by a century of Holiday Camps is particularly difficult to preserve and positively introduce into contemprary society. They represent in fact a vulnareble architectural heritage made up of a multitude of buildings widespread throughout the Dutch territoty. The publication is the result of an international symposium about Holiday Camps in Rimini in 2007.

ISBN: 978 973 52 0259 0
ISBN (Mirton): 978 973 638 341 0

Dolf Broekhuizen