Lecture Holiday Camps

Lecture at international symposium Holiday Camps

In September 2022, Dolf Broekhuizen gave a lecture about children’s colony houses in the Netherlands. At an international symposium in Ravenna (Italy), organized by the University of Bologna, Faculty of Architecture. Topic was the past, present and future of these buildings, that have been built all around Europe. One of the findings at the symposium was the growing attention for new design approaches in the reuse of existing colony houses. A more participative approach of designers, research by design and new partnerships can be the start of a promising redevelopment process. Such an approach can help to find suitable new functions for the colony houses. Dolf Broekhuizen spoke about the former colony house Kerdijk in Egmond aan Zee, a model colony house of the Central Association for children’s convalescent homes built in 1907, which was converted into apartments in the 1980s.

Project: Invited speaker at international symposium on holiday colonies for children. Member of the scientific committee of the symposium.

Speaker: Dolf Broekhuizen

Lecture: ‘The first model colony house Kerkdijk in Egmond aan Zee (1907)’

Period: September 15 and 16, 2022

Location: Ravenna, Italy

Congress: Towards new Summers. Past, present and future of holiday camps for children in Europe (Verso nuove estate)

Organizing university: University of Bologna, Faculty of Architecture

Dolf Broekhuizen